About Compete

Transforming the way consumers and brands communicate

Compete delivers digital intelligence that helps the world’s top brands improve their marketing based on the online behavior of millions of consumers.

Compete’s products and services are fueled by the largest integrated online consumer behavior and survey panel in the industry. Digital insights are interpreted by analytical experts in the automotive, financial services, media, mobile, online, retail, telecom and travel markets to deliver data and recommendations to create effective online experiences and highly profitable advertising campaigns.

Advisers to leading brands

Leading companies turn to Compete to help achieve their sales, profit and market share goals. Our flagship marketing intelligence services, Online Channel Effectiveness and Compete PRO, provide the earliest measure of how consumers consider, buy and engage with their brands relative to rivals. Marketers also rely on Compete’s unique behavioral-driven media products to segment and reach hard-to-find consumer segments, and use our advertising effectiveness tools to measure and optimize their online advertising.

For the first time, companies can measure their effectiveness across all of their marketing programs. The accuracy and speed of Compete’s services gives marketers newfound ability to identify and respond to market dynamics while consumers are in-market, rather than just analyze decisions in retrospect. For example:

  • Compete helped a major automaker allocate $30 million to launch a new SUV by tracking vehicle demand and conversion in real-time
  • Compete generated an incremental $75 million in annual subscriber value for a major wireless carrier, without any increase in marketing expenses
  • Compete helped a leading hotel brand increase its booking rate by 56% by redesigning the purchase funnel on its website
  • Compete generated an additional $50 million in loan income for a consumer banking leader by recommending new online sales techniques

Compete's Approach

Compete’s services are supported by industry-leading data management and technology. Our consumer and industry data is drawn from numerous sources and comprises the largest continuous consumer behavior database in the industry. Our proprietary data methodologies and patent-pending technology aggregate, transform and normalize this data and ensure it is representative of the entire US online marketplace.