Compete Launches Online Dashboard That Is The First to Analyze and Optimize Brand Performance on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) Based Upon Consumer Behavior


Ascend™ Addresses Crucial Blind Spots in Search Measurement to Maximize SEO and SEM for Brands


Boston, MA, February 19, 2013 — Compete, a Kantar Media Company and the leading provider of digital insight to global brands, is launching Ascend™, the first software as a service to deliver real-time and crucial behavior-based SERP metrics , giving marketers greater insight into the consumer path to purchase.

“You can only optimize what you and the consumer can see” says Stephen DiMarco, CMO of Compete.  “We provide marketers with visibility into crucial data on the search engine result page and help them understand what happens post-click.”

Ascend provides comprehensive and competitive metrics on three crucial data points on the search engine result page; Position, where and when organic and paid results are seen; Creative,  what titles and keywords work best in ad copy; and Engagement, click and post-click behavior.

The real-time dashboard gives marketers immediate insight into the ROI of existing search programs.  Ascend can reduce overall spend in search by pinpointing and mitigating competitive exposure and providing higher click through rates by calibrating SEO and SEM.

“Our clients are interested in meaningful business results from search marketing efforts”, says Jason Burby, Chief Performance Marketing Officer at POSSIBLE. “Yet we find that focusing on search rankings isn’t necessarily equal to performance. With Ascend, we know what the consumer sees at the SERP page, and are able to quickly map changes in strategy and investment to get the best SERP results.  Ascend provides our teams broader context on rank achievements; this lends to deeper insights that inspire uniquely actionable optimization efforts for greater ROI.”

Ascend leverages the accuracy and granular insight provided by Compete’s industry-leading two million plus consumer panel. Through use of customizable keyword lists, Ascend delivers results in an easy to use interface, measuring performance across multiple engines with reports generated on coverage & capture, paid/natural effectiveness, value of paid ad, value of paid position, loss prevention, and paid ad copy.

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