Millward Brown Digital Launches Solution Enabling Marketers to Improve Conversion Rates By Analyzing Onsite Activity of Competitors


70 percent of marketers unaware of competitors’ conversion rates or the average in their industry


Boston, MA, October 3, 2013 — Millward Brown Digital, the world’s leading digital expert in helping clients grow great brands, today launched Online Conversion Insights.

Online Conversion Insights allows marketers to see competitors’ onsite activity like never before and gives marketers power to identify and learn from best-in-class performers, isolate key issues impacting their own performance and manage resources more effectively.

A Millward Brown Digital study revealed that fewer than 30 percent of marketers are currently benchmarking their conversion rates against competition and that marketers who invest more time and money in conversion optimization reap the rewards of higher conversion rates.

In fact, marketers investing at least 10 percent of their time on optimization and competitive intelligence have a higher conversion rate than the average of two percent. A leading ecommerce marketer, informed by Online Conversion Insights, recently realized an incremental $2 million in revenue by increasing their on-site conversion rates by five percent – with just minor adjustment in checkout flow. This resulted in a nearly 300 percent ROI in the first month alone.

Online Conversion Insights gives marketers visibility and leverage in answering key business questions such as:

“While knowing competitive traffic and keyword share is very valuable, Online Conversion Insights takes it to the next level. Every data-driven marketer should have this,” said David Zucker, CMO of

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