New Mobile Measurement Solutions from Millward Brown Digital Fill In Marketers’ Blind Spots


Expanded offering connects multi-screen path-to-purchase insights with market-leading advertising effectiveness offer to help marketers get mobile right


Boston, MA, October 24, 2013 — Millward Brown Digital, the world’s leading digital expert in helping clients grow great brands, today launched behavior-based mobile intelligence solutions to provide new visibility into U.S. mobile consumers and their path to purchase.

With the new insights on how people use mobile devices while shopping, Millward Brown Digital extends its expertise along the path to purchase – from how to reach consumers, to what advertising and messaging works across platforms, and now how they buy using their mobile phones.

New U.S. data from Millward Brown Digital highlights the importance of mobile touchpoints:

“Mobile is simultaneously a top-priority and a blind spot for virtually everyone in the marketing ecosystem,” said Stephen DiMarco, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Client Officer at Millward Brown Digital. “With the launch of our new mobile intelligence solutions, we are providing the most complete picture of PC and mobile consumer behaviors and multi-screen marketing effectiveness.”

The new mobile intelligence solutions expand on Millward Brown Digital’s mobile advertising effectiveness services and include:

These solutions aggregate and analyze mobile behaviors drawn from a panel of U.S. consumers and breakdown mobile traffic originating from browsers versus apps, as well as smartphones versus tablets. The solutions integrate seamlessly with Millward Brown Digital’s existing PC-based behavioral intelligence and campaign effectiveness services to create a complete two-screen picture of consumer insights and marketing impact.

Multi-screen shopping is altering consumers’ path to purchase

Consumers who use mobile devices to research purchases visit retailer sites more frequently than those who use PCs alone. According to research from Millward Brown Digital, mobile visitors engage with top retailers twice as often as PC visitors (on average, 6.2 times per month vs. 2.9 times per month). For brands looking to master mobile purchase opportunities this means they have twice as many opportunities to convert individuals – or lose them to a more effective rival – on a mobile device.

frequency of consumer visits to retail sites during their path to purchase

Mobile consumers interact with more touchpoints along their path to purchase

Mobile shoppers interact with more touchpoints more intensively when shopping. Smartphone users, and to a lesser degree consumers using tablets, engage with search engines and social media sites more than pure PC users. The use of social sites during the shopping process reveals the inextricable link between mobile and social usage, and the need for marketers to approach planning in an integrated manner.

percentage of consumers using different touchpoints on the path to purchase

Reaching consumers with mobile devices: it’s not all show-rooming

Mobile tablet users who are shopping for a new product are nearly twice as likely to go online from homes, while smartphone users are likely to turn to their devices while they are in a retail environment and/or while they have downtime. This reinforces the need for different mobile strategies – differing mobile usage behaviors show that context is more important than a one-size-fits-all strategy.

distribution of locations in which consumers use mobile devices to access internet

“These new data show that gaining a more complete view into mobile attitudes and behaviors is absolutely critical to getting mobile right,” continued DiMarco. “By filling in the historical measurement blind spots, brands can now avoid missteps and ensure mobile complements the overall brand building mix.”

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