Compete’s Automotive practice empowers automakers and others in the space by providing unrivaled insights that leverage our industry expertise and proprietary data. Our combined decades of industry expertise at companies such as Automotive Information Center (AIC), Ford, Nissan, J.D. Power & Associates and McKinsey provide the lens through which we interpret automotive consumer behavior and how companies can leverage that knowledge to drive business.

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In-Market Demand Measure

Compete’s Auto Datamart is the industry’s leading measure of in-market automotive demand, tracking actual shopper volumes rather than indices and shares. Compete tracks unique consumers across the largest pool of automotive shopping sites available, thereby avoiding false positives and errant trends that are found in other data sources.

Automotive Benchmarking

Compete’s ongoing tracking of automaker site effectiveness across industry websites provides clients with information on emerging trends. In addition, this service provides step-by-step context for automakers and others seeking to optimize their site traffic and their success in leveraging that traffic.

Digital Purchase Funnel

With the collapse of the traditional automotive purchase process, Compete has developed the Digital Purchase Funnel (DPF), which leverages our ability to track consumers across the internet. In the DPF, search is used to measure branded and unbranded awareness.

Offline Data Integrations

Compete Automotive has been a trusted partner of our clients by integrating their offline data with our online data. Examples of offline data include retail sales, ad spend, inventories and incentives.

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