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Compete offers financial services marketers an array of intelligence and targeting services to identify, attract and retain high-value consumers. Our Financial Services team brings deep industry and online marketing expertise from companies such as Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, Sapient and Mercer Management Consulting and speaks frequently at industry conferences including and JFAM.

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Sales Dashboards

With Compete’s financial sales dashboards, financial leaders can assess their share of online shoppers and applicants compared to that of key competitors on a monthly basis. Sales dashboards also lend insight into the performance of key stages of the application funnel by illustrating application start and completion rates across a defined set of competitors.

Marketing dashboards

Compete’s financial marketing dashboards illustrate the websites, search terms and key online partnerships that your competitors are using to generate online shopper volume. These dashboards also go one level deeper and reveal which particular marketing sources are most effective not only at driving shopper volume, but also at leading consumers to convert online.

Market overviews

Quarterly research reports reveal why particular competitors might be gaining or losing market share by examining key site changes, new product enhancements, or changes in marketing messaging.

Defection study

Examines what happens to consumers who choose to abandon an application before completion. Did these consumers ultimately apply at a competitor? Was there a particular step or page within the application that most frequently led to abandonment? Why did the consumer choose to apply at a particular institution?

Cross-shopping study

Analyzes the online cross shopping dynamics within a particular industry. How many institutions does a consumer typically shop at prior to purchase? What institutions often appear in the same consideration set for a consumer? What impact does the order in which consumers visit particular sites affect conversion?

Consumer segment profile

Analyzes the financial services shopping dynamics of a particular consumer segment (e.g. the mass affluent) and provides marketers information on how best to identify and attract this group. Questions answered include: What sites does this particular segment over-index on in terms of visitation? What search terms are commonly used by this segment when shopping for a particular financial services product?

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