Ad Impact™

Measure the return of your online advertising

Ad Impact quantifies the lift achieved by online advertising. Marketers, publishers and advertising agencies can pair Ad Impact with their own media budget data to calculate campaign ROI and separate winning strategies from ineffective strategies. All data and analyses are presented in concise, easy-to-read and easy-to-share formats.

Key Questions Answered

How do I measure the impact of my campaign?

What impact did my campaign have on consumer behavior?

How can I make my campaigns more effective?

Key Features

Exposed-Control Measurement

Ad Impact analyzes the online behavior of consumers after ad exposure. This is compared to a control group of similar consumers who visited sites in the footprint of the campaign, but were not exposed. Exposed consumers are identified by calls made by their web browsers for URLs that belong to creative assets or to the ads’ tracking tags – a method that minimizes set-up requirements for the client.

Actionable Metrics

Ad Impact measures a campaign’s impact on viewthrough to brand properties, product research, conversion/KPI, competitor visitation, share of in-category consumers, brand search activity and category search activity. For each measured campaign, clients can gauge build, decay, and the efficacy of increased impression frequency.