Understand who you reach with your online advertising

Today’s media measurement solutions are built on yesterday’s audience measurement models. In order to help brands efficiently impact consumers along their path-to-purchase, measurement needs to go beyond simple demographic audience exposure metrics to more innovative solutions that more accurately measure the viewed exposure of advertisements across today’s diverse audiences.

Ad VRF combines granular impression level viewability measurement from DoubleVerify with demographic and behavioral panel data from Compete to offer the most accurate third party measurement of viewable Reach and Frequency as well as Gross Rating Points (GRP) and viewable Target Ratings Points (TRP).

Key Questions Answered

How many people has my campaign reached and through which web sites?

What is the demographic composition of my reached audience?

What percentage of my ad impressions were actually viewable?

Key Features

Powered by Industry Leaders

Ad VRF combines DoubleVerify’s industry-leading verification and viewability technology with Compete’s 2 million+ digital consumer panel to enable a level of accuracy and granular insight into digital advertising reach, frequency and ratings not previously available.

Industry-leading viewability

To get accurate viewability reports, you need technology that can handle the complexity of how ads are delivered today. Ad VRF leverages DoubleVerify’s patented double-verification system to provide view-through rates over 90%.

Panel size matters

A larger panel means having more data and higher accuracy. By utilizing Compete’s panel, the largest in the industry, Ad VRF provides more accurate data on who, demographically and behaviorally, you reached with your advertising – even low-incident behaviors.

Behavioral segmentation for real insights

While other solutions provide only high-level, category-based breakdowns of audience, Ad VRF leverages Compete’s advertiser-centric behavioral segments, such as “Luxury Auto Shoppers” or “New Home Owners” to provide real insights into who is seeing the advertising. More importantly, these segments are developed based on actual online consumer behavior rather than surveying consumers.

Actionable metrics

Ad VRF combines census-level data gathered via direct tagging with audience analysis based on the largest consumer panel in the industry to enable actionable, verified metrics including impressions, reach, frequency, GRP and TRP, as well as demographic and behavioral segment composition.

Customized to match your needs

Ad VRF metrics aren’t limited to a handful of demographic categories, and can be customized based on specific, customer-defined behavioral segments.

Measures ad visibility

With between 40 to 50% of all ads appearing below the fold of a typical web page, measuring actual visibility is critical to understand who you actually reached with your advertising. Ad VRF measures ad visibility both above and below the fold.

A single tag integrated into your workflow

Ad VRF is simple to implement, requiring only a single DoubleVerify tag. In addition, DoubleVerify tagging is already incorporated into the most media buying platforms of any provider, making it simple to incorporate Ad VRF into your existing workflow.

Advanced campaign reporting

Ad VRF provides campaign reporting by publisher, placement and creative.

Optimize during campaign

Ad VRF is available during campaign run, allowing for course-correction to optimize the campaign ROI.

Brand protection

Ad VRF also provides reporting on any advertising that was placed next to inappropriate content, allowing advertiser to protect their brand.