Optimize campaign reach based on advertiser impact

Through a real-time dashboard, agencies and advertisers can address, in-flight, how a campaign is reaching and impacting the audiences they care about most and optimize the delivery of visible ads to a specific audience, creating behaviors and attitudes that drive purchase intent. Advance also includes a cost-analysis calculator to compare effective CPM, Effective CPP(cost-per-point) and Visible CPM rates.

Key Questions Answered

How is my campaign impacting behaviors and attitudes within my target audience?

How can I optimize reach to improve impact while my campaign is still in-market?

What portion of my campaign is viewable?

What audience segments am I reaching and with what frequency?

Key Features


Advance integrates exposure (audience, reach, viewability) and impact (brand, behavior, sales) measures into one tool. It is a single web-based solution that integrates and aligns measures to minimize “tool jumping.”


Advance’s holistic solution integrates key metrics into one platform, while allowing for custom, advertiser/agency defined metrics on audience, attitude and behavior. Advance Insights are tailored to unique campaign objectives.

Best-in-Class Results

Advance is a collaborative tool built by industry leaders Compete, Dynamic Logic and Double Verify. Verification and viewability technology is accredited by MRC, adheres to 3MS standards and is used by over two hundred Fortune 500 brands.

Real-Time Data

Advance uses a real-time analytics dashboard to adjust campaigns “in-flight” to increase efficiency and effectiveness with digital spend.

Behavioral Segmentation

While other solutions provide only high-level, category-based breakdowns of audience, Advance provides the most granular insights driven by the largest panel in the industry. Compete’s two million member panel provides real insights into who is seeing the advertising and what actions they take.

Streamlined Tagging Solution

Advance is simple to implement, leveraging tags that are already incorporated into most media buying platforms, making it simple to incorporate into your existing workflow.


Advance uses multiple data sources to ensure diversity and representativeness. Behavioral and attitudinal classifiers create rich segmentation and KPIs measured against industry norms across more than 7,500 studies.