Achieve higher levels of search ROI

Ascend is the first SAAS to analyze and optimize your brand performance on SERPs based upon real consumer behavior. Ascend provides marketers with visibility into crucial data on the search engine result page (SERP) to help reduce overall spend, pinpoint and mitigate competitive exposure, optimize share of voice, and align search with the shoppers path-to-purchase.

Key Questions Answered

Who is your closest competition in search?

Where does search fit into your audience’s path-to-purchase?

How do you measure and optimize search (SEO & SEM) effectiveness?

Key Features

Optimized Search ROI

Ascend can reduce overall spend in search by helping you map changes in strategy and investment to SERP results you’ll be able to provide higher click through rates by calibrating your existing SEO and SEM campaigns.

A Better Path-to-Purchase

Ascend results can help you align search with your other marketing efforts and the shoppers’ path-to-purchase.

Competitive Benchmarking

Ascend can pinpoint and mitigate your competitive exposure by identifying your competitors at the SERP page.

Optimize Share of Voice

By using keyword lists, Ascend allows you to identify the right content and creative to optimize your share of voice at the SERP page.