Behavior Match™

Target your media buying based on real consumer behavior

Behavior Match uses Compete’s unrivaled panel and proven methods to help marketers and agencies develop innovative and efficient media plans. Behavior Match identifies the sites where advertisers can reach their targets by helping their media teams create more effective criteria and uncovering publishers with overlooked ad inventory.

Key Questions Answered

Where can I reach consumers whose interests suggest an affinity for our brand?

Where can I reach consumers whose behaviors suggest purchase intent?

What sites should I use to efficiently achieve my targeted reach?

Key Features

Constant monitoring of consumers’ online behaviors

Behavior Match uses specific online behaviors and demographic attributes to segment Compete’s panel into important consumer groups.

Standard and custom segment definitions

Clients identify segments of interest and Compete uses powerful data-mining systems to quantify where that segment can be found.

Offline data for consumer packaged goods and automotive marketers

Compete has partnered with Kantar Retail and J.D. Power & Associates to generate media plans based on offline sales information.