Compete Media Planner™

Media planning guided by actual consumer behavior

Traditionally, media planners made their best efforts using tools that recommend sites based on survey response data gathered from a small sample of consumers. The Compete Media Planner (CMP) scores sites using actual online behaviors of 2 million consumers, delivering a new level of depth and precision in media planning.

Key Questions Answered

Where can we reach online consumers with a demonstrated affinity for our product or brand?

Where can we reach consumers whose behaviors indicate a readiness to purchase?

What sites will enable me to achieve my reach goals with the greatest efficiency?

Key Features

Rich segment taxonomy

Leverages the extensive Compete Segment Library™, which comprises both demographic attributes and thousands of observed online behaviors (“online gamer”, “Ford researcher”, etc.).

High performance SaaS platform

Utilizes proprietary algorithms and cloud-based processing power to score thousands of online publishers against your target in seconds.

Simple media selection

Provides straightforward sort and filter tools to narrow in on a short list of your optimal publishers.

Helpful utilities

Save target segment definitions for later use. Export to Excel for internal or external distribution.