Directly measured, certified traffic reports for publishers

We understand that estimated traffic reports can be frustrating for your business. Compete CrossPoint allows website owners to directly contribute their traffic data to Compete and receive our third-party certified traffic reports in return, which you can deliver directly to advertisers. Many publishers buy expensive third-party validation reports, but Compete’s is free when you participate in CrossPoint.

By placing a CrossPoint tag on your website you enable Compete to cross reference your website’s traffic with Compete’s online panel. This cross between your website and the Compete panel creates a complete view of your site – translating into better traffic estimates and insights for you.


Compete will third-party certify your directly measured traffic

Deliver Compete-certified reports to your advertisers and prospects

More accurate site profile accessed by over 225,000 advertisers

Key Features

How much does this cost?

Tagging is free and easy!

Will this slow down my site?

Compete’s tag is among the fastest audience measurement tags in the market, up to 30% faster than Google Analytics, and over 60% faster than all others in our industry.

What is the process to tag my site?

Register and receive your tag. Place your custom tag on all pages of your site. Compete verifies tag coverage across your site. View monthly metrics and traffic breakdown through your dashboards.

When will I start seeing an impact to my site’s numbers?

You will see a complete view of your sites traffic two calendar months after it is verified. Updated metrics is coming soon.

Are my competitors going to see my directly measured data?

No. We do not publish your directly measured numbers. Your data is used to enhance our panel-based methodology, but we enable you to share this data with others as you see fit.