Online Channel Effectiveness

Increase your online marketing and website performance with continuous competitive benchmarking

Online Channel Effectiveness (OCE) allows brands and websites to develop online growth and channel strategies that guide consumers towards deeper online marketing interactions. OCE enables marketers to reverse-engineer their competitors’ online performance to optimize their own online marketing, sales, service and loyalty programs.

Key Questions Answered

How engaging is my website versus my competitors?

Where are my competitors generating their highest quality traffic?

How has my market share changed versus my competitors?

Key Features

Track competitive market share

Track online market share for prospects and customers across your top competitors and product categories.

Discover your competitors’ traffic sources

Reverse-engineer competitors’ online media, search and lead generation strategies to drive consumer traffic to your websites.

Improve engagement and conversion

Identify opportunities to improve website engagement and conversion metrics based on best practices, direct rivals and online leaders.

Measure your referral partners

Compare volume and quality of referral from top partners to increase revenue and profitability.

Create the offline connection

Measure the influence that your online channel investments have on consumers’ offline purchase decisions.

Identify cross-selling/up-selling opportunities

Increase customer profitability by identifying opportunities and tactics for upselling/cross-selling existing customers new products and services.

Reduce customer care costs

Increase customer self-care transactions and reduce high-cost live care interactions by identifying best practices for engaging customers online.

Improve customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty by identifying characteristics of competitive consideration and build strategies to reduce churn.

Actionable intelligence

Compete delivers OCE as a monthly dashboard that provides timely and actionable information to integrate into your business optimization processes, including media and channel planning process and sales planning.

Executive-level Readout

A comprehensive quarterly review of key metrics with a deep focus on ROI suitable for executive and boardroom presentations.