Leading companies turn to Compete to help achieve their sales, profit and market share goals. Our Channel Optimization Solutions provide the earliest measure of how consumers consider, buy and engage with their brands relative to rivals. Marketers also rely on Compete’s unique behavioral-driven Media Effectiveness Solutions to segment and reach hard-to-find consumer segments, and use our advertising effectiveness tools to measure and optimize their online advertising.

The accuracy and speed of Compete’s solutions empower digital marketers to identify and respond to market dynamics while consumers are in-market, rather than analyze decisions in retrospect.

Channel Optimization

Compete PRO™

Know which marketing strategies work best in your industry, which tactics fall flat, and where to find untapped opportunities.

Online Conversion Insights™

Benchmark and optimize your online conversion funnel with competitive intelligence.

Marketing Effectiveness Intelligence™

Measure your advertising’s influence on online consumer behavior.

Online Channel Effectiveness™

Increase your online marketing and website performance with continuous competitive benchmarking.

Media Effectiveness

Ad Impact™

Measure the return on your advertising.


Understand who you reach with your online advertising.


Optimize campaign reach based on advertiser impact.

Behavior Match™

Target your media buying based on real consumer behavior.

Mobile Solutions

Millward Brown Digital Mobile Solutions

Mobile attitudinal and behavioral metrics to help customers succeed in mobile marketing.